Monday, 29 November 2010

What turned out to be a nice walk.

Alex and I headed upto Stob Coire nan Lochan again this time to go and have a look at spectre. On the walk in it soon became obvious that the crags were heavily rimed and that Crest route was going to be a better option. We geared up in the bottom of the coire and then headed on up to the bottom of the route. On the way we where trying to work out where the route actually went but there was some confusion between our interpretation of the route and what we could actually see. After a good half hour of faffing we still weren't a 100% sure. We had decided on SCNL because Alex had to start work at 5pm and now we were running out of time. So we called it a day and had a wonder around the coire and had a boulder on some of the smaller crags. All of the steep lines were in good condition and people were out on twisting gully and original route. There were some large deposits of wind slab in sheltered spots and did bar progress to a couple of the route on summit buttress but most were avoidable.

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