Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Aonach Mor East Face

Dave setting off on pitch 1.

I've got a busy couple of weeks coming up so I was planning on another rest day and some sorted but when Ken and Dave said they were going to go for a quick blast in between shifts I thought why not. We abseiled into Easy gully and moved on round to the bottom of White Shark (IV,4). The crags at the moment are looking in fantastic nick, good snow ice, Rime starting to build and where we were the cracks were free of any ice.
Dave made short work of the first pitch and Ken ticked off the steeper second pitch and conveniently found a tunnel through the cornice on the left side. I didn't get a pitch but hey I'm sure I'll be back again at some point.
Conditions really have improved, the wet snow from the thaw is starting to refreeze, at the moment there is still just a crust in places and the plateau was covered in bullet hard water ice and neve. I had a wonder round to see what else was going on and saw a team just topping out of Left twin which is clear of a cornice at the moment. There are some very large cornices at the moment but they have firmed up and gave us little to be concerned about. Looking promising for the weekend.

Ken on pitch 2.

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