Monday, 21 February 2011

A windy day on Aonach Mor.

After a week off it was nice to be back out in the snow. Yesterday I was working for Mountain Motion and I was out with Steven who was looking at covering some mountaineering ground in preparation for a guided attempt of Tower ridge. So from the gondola station we headed up to the Nid so Steven could spend some time in crampons again before we got on to something steeper. At the top of the Nid the wind was so strong we could hardly stand so we dropped down onto the East face to try and escape the wind. Once the wind had eased we climbed back onto the ridge and continued up to the climbers col and abseiled back on to the East face.

I had planned for us to pitch back out of Easy gully but the wind had now really picked up and as we were traversing the corrie the snow started to get a bit worrying. So we dropped back down to the Lochain and continued back round to the gondola which due to the wind was closed so left us with a bit of a walk out.

The crags were heavily rimed and vis. was down to about 10-15m. A lot of the snow has consolidated but there are still some large areas of snow that need to be avoided. I'm working at Outward Bound this week so no reports until Saturday.

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