Thursday, 24 March 2011

A beautiful day.

I was out on the Ben today just walking up the tourist track with a couple for Abacus Mountaineering. It was a cloudy start but it soon started to brighten up We made our way up into the cloud and popped back out of it into blue skies. The summit of the Ben was the only thing sticking above the clouds and the view was spectacular.

The snow was soft most of the way and had only refrozen in the last couple of hundred metres. I spoke to one pair that had been on Tower ridge and said it was almost alpine with firm snow and dry rock for most of the way. Mike climbed Combe gully and said it was in surprisingly good condition.

Routes high up on the mountain would be your best bet at the moment or even routes like Tower ridge and N.E. Buttress would be worth a look too. It is supposed to cool down over the weekend which should firm up the ice nicely.

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