Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A day of contrasting conditions.

With the Mountains being covered in a blanket of snow making travel time consuming and the lower mixed routes stripped after the freezing level rose yesterday we decided to go cragging. It was a beautiful day in Glen Nevis with dry rock but the air temperature was still very cold after last night. I had a few work e-mails to send after lunch and then headed in to meet up with some friends. I soloed up pinnacle ridge (S) and then continued up upper pinnacle (about D) to meet up with the guys who were climbing on Styx buttress just above the Alp. Whilst they were climbing I soloed Right wall (VD), Pine wall (HS 4a) and then built up enough courage to solo Tear (HS 4b). The last time I climbed this was about 4 years ago and I had forgotten how polished it was so it was a bit unnerving at the crux but other than that it was fine.

Me soloing Pine wall (HS 4a)

Report from the Ben are it is still heavy going but the ice on the Orion face is in good condition a team backed off Observatory ridge, which the guide book says is difficult under powder. There was an avalanche today in Garadh gully which caught three people, best wishes to them.

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