Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hadrian's wall direct

With conditions the way they are at the moment high up on the Ben is really the only place to climb on the West, so Spike and I made our way up this morning at a leisurely pace to see what we could find. We fancied something longer so we headed into Observatory gully to have a look. Options are a bit more limited at the moment and 0.5 and Tower scoop had teams on them. Smiths still looked good but up on Indicator wall things looked a bit thin so we headed for Hadrian's.

Looking up at Point 5 with Hadrian's just left of centre.

Stood at the first belay was like having a shower with the amount of water running off the slabs from above. Spike set off and made quick work of the first long pitch. The ice was still good but it was thawing and some of the hooks did shear through when you tested them but it still gave a great pitch. I set off up the chimney pitch which gave good placements to a point then it I was just climbing sugar for a few moves. We continued up to the final ice chimneys were the ice was of a much better quality and we got two great pitches to the top and the sunshine.

Spike heading off up the first pitch.

Reports from other teams said the same with regards to conditions. What is needed is day or two of freezing temperatures and the routes will be in fantastic nick again. Unfortunately it might be a few days before we get this.

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