Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dry rock. But for how long?

Well the morning showers died out and come 2 o'clock this afternoon the road outside the house was dry and the temperature had risen a little so after taking care of some emails I headed into Glen Nevis for a quick work out.
I'd had my eye on an E15c on lower pinnacle since I was there last week. This route is a bit of an eliminate and more of a boulder problem really. It gives some fine delicate climbing up the steep wall between Severe crack and Pinnacle ridge. So after a bit of finding out were the holds were I went for it and thankfully made it to the pull back onto pinnacle ridge at the top.
Spring is back in the air and the Glen was full of Violets and flowering Wood Sorrel but thankfully no midges yet. 

Pulling up on the starting crimps.

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