Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dry rock? Believe it!

So any plans I had for climbing this morning were put on hold when I looked out the window to see a wet road and more of it falling from the sky. So after a lazy start I headed to Alan's for a training session on the wall. After an hour and a half I felt pretty tired so headed home for some lunch.  

As the afternoon went on the road outside the house started to dry up and the sky started to turn blue. (which is a colour we haven't seen much of recently) So I thought why not, packed a bag just as Dan arrived home and we decided to head for the Glen.

We were feeling lazy so headed for Heather hat which still has a few damp spots but was mostly dry. We both had a go at the arete problems but I was feeling tired from my morning session and then headed up to find a problem Dan remembered from a few years back under Dundee Buttress.

The forecast is hard to read at the moment with showers predicted but not always happening. Hopefully get out again tomorrow. 

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