Saturday, 24 September 2011

I haven't seen that before.

So I've had a week off and had some family up to visit but back to work today on the Ben. I met the Maximum Adventure group at 8am this morning and they were fired up for their 3 Peaks Challenge. We made good progress and were at the summit in 3 hours and started to make our way down. On the way down we passed the usual crowds and people dressed in all sorts of strange ways. Just when you think you've probably seen everything you possibly can on this path something strange appears in front of you. Firstly there was a group carrying a gas boiler up the mountain, I didn't have time to ask. Then just as we were getting over that sight we turned a corner to see this man.

I know it's been a wet summer but i don't think he'll need that. In fact he was carrying the boat to the top to raise awareness for cancer research. I hope he manages it. In fact he's probably still doing it as I write this.
Anyway it was a dry day today with only one little shower that hit us on the mountain. Got a climbing course to run tomorrow so hopefully it stays that way. 

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