Thursday, 24 November 2011

Looks like winter might be on its way.

So there has been talk for the last couple of weeks about colder temps at the end of the month leading into December. Looks like this is still on the cards. The Met office synoptic charts are showing a no. of 'lows' passing just to the North of Scotland. These 'lows' are bringing in a no. of both warm and cold fronts over the next few days. These are going to be responsible for the fluctuating temps but are also bringing in moist air from the West ready to fall as it hits the West coast of Scotland. So as a lot of forecast are suggesting there may well be some snow starting to accumulate on the hills and we may well see some action out on the hills over the next week. You can have a look at the synoptics here.

An early season Coire na Ciste from November 2009

I was hoping I might get a chance to get a route in this week but it is looking less likely and next week when it is looking more promising I'm running a course at Outward Bound. Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to come. Like most people I have some personal goals for this winter with regards to progressing as a winter climber. I was hoping that early snows in November would give me a chance to ease myself into winter but I may now just have to hit it running before things start to get busy in January. 

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