Friday, 9 December 2011

Avalanche Hazard Evaluation Workshop.

I was over in the Cairngorms again yesterday but on a training workshop on Avalanche Hazard Evaluation being run by Mark Diggins from the SportScotland Avalanche Information Service. Despite the weather we still managed to spend some out on the hill and it was a good day with lots of knowledge being shared and a good opportunity to refresh things before the winter season really kicks off.

The storms of yesterday have passed but there is still a lot going on with the roads, buildings and many other repairs going on. With regards to the hill conditions the snow pack has been through some changes and there is currently a 'Considerable' risk here in Lochaber and 'High' over in the Cairngorms. The avalanche forecasts weren't supposed to start until the 15th but they have started early in these two areas. So remember to keep up to date with this information before you go out onto the hill and keep your eyes open whilst you're out.

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