Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wet and wild again but at least winter has returned.

I'm working a 4 day climbing course this week for West Coast Mountain Guides and the weather hasn't been ideal so far. With strong winds and rain forecast pretty much up to the summits yesterday we opted to depend the day looking at rope work and theory sessions before we headed up to Glen Nevis to put some of this into practise and looked at Glacier travel techniques too.

Not a nice day to be outside.

Today was set to be a better day but not by much and with the recent conditions meaning there was little or no ice to climb we decided to hit the Ice Factor this morning giving Richard and Graham a chance to actually climb some ice. We spent a lot of time looking at technique and movement and finished the session looking at placing ice screws.
After lunch we headed to Ballachulish Bridge to go Dry tooling and get an idea of what some harder mixed climbing would be like. A good couple of sessions with a lot of things learnt and ready to put into practise tomorrow when we head out.

Starting to get the pump going with some dry tooling.
There were people out climbing today but as would be expected they reported difficult conditions with the wind and a lot of snow, some releasing very easily.

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