Sunday, 12 February 2012

Good ice on Green!

Day two with Rory and James for Abacus Mountain Guides and after the boys performance on the Pumpkin yesterday they fancied something of a similar grade and wanted to be down at a decent time ready for their drive south. The forecast was for the freezing levels to drop overnight but it didn't really feel like that was the case as we left the car this morning. It was a busy walk in to the CIC and passing a few people who were turning round too which never really fills you with hope. As we hit the floor of the Ciste the snow was starting to firm up nicely and the cloud had lifted a bit which gave us the opportunity to see what was free. Plan A was out with a team at the bottom of the route but Green gully was free so we headed up to the first belay and from then on up the route was in great condition. Bomber placements and even some good screws and after the last few days of milder temps there is a lot of rock gear available too. We topped out into an inversion and enjoyed the sun before we headed down the Red Burn. Lots of teams out today, too many to list and no photos I'm afraid.

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