Monday, 6 February 2012

Western Rib on the West face of Aonach Mor.

Yesterdays forecast was much better but after all of the recent snow fall the Avalanche forecast was not looking so promising apart from on Western aspects so we headed round to the summit ribs to climb Western Rib. I was expecting to find this face to be pretty scoured of fresh snow but as we climbed higher the going got slower and slower as we dug ourselves a trench to the summit. A good route though and with lots of variation to be had if you want to make it even more interesting. Every time I've climbed on this face I've been the only group there but others obviously had the same idea as we saw a couple of teams on the walk in that were picking their way up some ground just to the North of the summit, one team climbed Diam buttress I think and Zac was out with his team on Golden oldy.
Today I was working for Abacus Mountain guides.

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