Monday, 5 March 2012

A quick look around.

With blue sky's and a frost at sea level this morning I decided to take a trip up the Ben to have a look around and take care of a couple of things. There was a line of people heading in this morning and both the top and bottom car parks were full. I headed into the Ciste with the plan of heading for the ice on Combe gully buttress but it seemed every man and his dog were heading that way but thankfully the pitch of ice below and left of the cascades looked fat enough for me to do what I wanted. After spending a bit of time there I headed back down and round and headed for North gully. It is complete again and the ice is trying to form on the crux but it wasn't too helpful today. I headed right at the top to avoid the very large cornice and then headed over to descend Ledge route and spend some time in the sun.

Quite a few things being done today, The white line, the Cascades, Reaburns easy route, No.2 gully and No.2 gully buttress. Combe gully buttress had a couple of teams on it. Round the corner there were a couple of teams on No.3 gully buttress. I didn't look into Observatory gully but there was a steady stream of people heading up.

Creag Coire na Ciste.

No.3 gully to the Combe.

Combe gully to No.2 gully buttress.

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