Saturday, 3 March 2012

Things are still holding on!

I've been out on the Ben today with a group of fellow instructor's to look at a few things. The snow has gone up a long way since I was there last and the last two weeks of wet and mild weather have had an effect but there are routes still to go at. Today we saw teams out on No.3 gully buttress, Reaburns easy route, Combe gully buttress. We went up no.2 gully buttress and down No.4. It looked like the central gullies on Creag Coire na Ciste looked to still be there if thin at the bottom. North gully has a gap in it but you should still be able to get up it. We didn't see into Observatory gully but other people have reported that Tower scoop, Smith's, Indicator and Good Friday climb are still there.
We are due some snow and colder temps over the next couple of days and although I don't believe there will be much build up of ice it should bring the mixed routes back in although the turf wasn't frozen today.

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