Thursday, 16 August 2012

A breezy Tower ridge.

I was on Tower ridge yesterday with Simon and Mark for West Coast Mountain Guides. With the weather forecast to get worse as the day went on we opted for an early start and were walking away from the car park by 8am in what was glorious weather and with very little sign of the strong winds that were forecast.
It wasn't long though before it started to pick up and the cloud started to roll in over the summit but the guys were strong and fit so we decided to pop our heads up onto the ridge and see what it was actually like. Up on the ridge it was fine and the guys made quick progress to the little tower where things started to liven up a little.
It was always in the back of my mind though that it might just be too much for us to do the gap and as we climbed up onto the great tower we were soon treated to full force of the wind. With a little bit more concentration and moving steadily just in case a big gust came in we still managed to get across the gap and up to the summit and were topped out by midday. A good effort from the guys and it was only their confidence and abilities that meant we made it up, I would have turned round with many other parties on that day. No photos I'm afraid, I forgot my camera.

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