Sunday, 2 September 2012

A wet weekend on the Ben.

On Saturday I was working with Dan for West Coast Mountain guides on the Ben track with a group of twenty-two raising money for Sheffield's Children Hospital. It started off drier than we were expecting but it didn't take long before the real rain arrived. Everyone did well considering the conditions and all were entertained by the sight of the Ben runners 'throwing' themselves down the hill.

Today I was joined by Johann and the plan was to take Pete, Dave, Mike and Jake up Tower ridge for Pete's 26th Birthday. With the winds from yesterday having eased off we headed on up in the dry but again it wasn't long before the rain arrived and stayed unfortunately. It wasn't the best day for the guys to truly appreciate Tower ridge but they all still had fun and finished it with a dram on top.

Not a bad way to spend your Birthday.

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