Thursday, 4 October 2012

A very productive day in Glen Nevis.

Today was a chance for the first years to build on the skills we had covered a couple of weeks ago on our last crag day. So with lots of people ready to take their first go on the 'sharp end' we headed up to the Gutter so I get get two people leading at the same time to give everyone a chance. Al shot up first with his team of six and I followed with two leaders getting their first and second leads with me along side on a rope. They brought up their seconds and them lowered them to the ground and abseiled down on my fixed rope. Time for two more and we did the same again.
Busy on the Gutter.
Max was about with his group along with an Outward Bound group so after the gutter we headed down to Pinnacle Ridge for a bit of space so James could get a lead in whilst the others had a play around on something they could get their teeth into. A busy day with a lot of stuff covered and only possible due to the level of enthusiasm of the students and a hand from Mark, one of the students that is already an SPA.
Rich and Dan making the Gutter look a bit steeper than it really is.

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