Monday, 15 October 2012

Autumn cragging by Lochailort

Headed out West today with Jo and Kev to go and have a play on the slab out there as Jo wanted to get the E5 ticked and look at the E7 and Kev was interested in putting up another line. We started on the E5 and Jo went up first and made it look easy and then tried the E7. Me up next and I climbed the E5 clean, which is not what I thought was going to happen and thoughts of giving it a go on the lead started popping into my head.
Jo working the E5

Jo gave it another quick top rope and then went for the lead and again made it look easy. Nice one buddy. The route is protected by a sky-hook about a third of the way up and although no-one has tested it, the consensus is it won't hold a fall. This led me to play it safe and walk away but it's still nagging now though. We chucked a top-rope down a couple of other lines for Kev to have a look at and there was some nice climbing but they were both eliminates really so Kev left them.
On the 'easier' ground about to top out. You can see the very lonely piece of gear beneath him.

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