Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bombing out on Stirling Bomber.

Alex and I fancied a short day so we decided to head to the Northern coires and grab a short route. We opted for Stirling Bomber and were glad to see no one on it as we arrived in the coire. We'd heard reports about people having to dig their way up routes but thought they were just over exaggerating  they weren't. Alex set off up the first pitch and after an hour and a half of digging and climbing later he finally arrived at the belay. I followed up and was surprised at how much climbing there was on it, a good lead by Alex.

Alex hoovering his way up pitch one.

My turn now and and thankfully the lower part of the upper corner wasn't as plastered as the rest of the route but the slab and higher up were covered in thick rime. I made my way up a few meters with some good hooks and torques and managed to find a semi rest so I could place a high nut before I stepped Right. Just as I unclipped the rest of the nuts from the one I'd placed my right foot popped and the next thing I knew I was hanging by the rope minus two axes and still with the set of nuts in my right hand. I shook myself off and managed to get back to my high point clip the nut and continue. Unfortunately my next runner was a large cam in an icy crack that didn't exactly fill me with confidence. After a few more minutes of clearing and digging I called it a day and climbed back down to a peg and lowered off. Just means I'll have to come back and show it who's boss another time.

My high point today.

Quite a few teams out today with all the usual suspects being climbed but gear is hard won and the climbing is time consuming, more fresh snow forecast overnight too. Pick your route carefully and get prepared to dig and dig.

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