Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Waterfall gully, Ben Nevis.

Ann has joined me for two days guiding and with the winds forecast to be strong again today Ann and I were keen to stay low so we had a wonder up the Ben to see what the lower cascades were like hoping to climb these to get us to Waterfall gully which I knew had been climbed yesterday. The cascades are there but are now mostly detached and the booming sound that came from them didn't fill me with confidence but one team did climb one of the falls and said it was better than it looked. We walked round and up to the foot of Waterfall gully which looked wet but far more solid.

Ann right under the main drainage, it was a bit damp!

The ice above the main pitch was running fast and I was encased in a suit of verglas armour by the time I got to the belay but the climbing itself was fantastic with good toffee ice and solid screws. We had planned to head round to Compression crack (which looked good) afterwards but the wind had started to pick up and we were both pretty wet so we abseiled off and made our way down to save some energy for tomorrow.

Ice has been building well and with some continued lower temps and a drop in the wind there will be lots of options. Some routes still have a way to go but they look promising for the near future. 

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