Sunday, 10 February 2013

A bit wild on the Ben.

Day 2 with Gaz and Andy and with a low avalanche forecast and dry conditions forecast we had planned to head high on the Ben but it was soon apparent that the MWIS forecast had been the one to trust as we were met by heavy snowfall and the drifts just got bigger the closer we got to the CIC. We opted for plan B and spent our day in the Gulch looking at techniques for climbing ice, placing screws, building Abolokov's and a few other things. The wind was blowing snow around all day and there were some very large deposits of fresh snow sitting on top of the older snow which is firming up nicely.

The ice we climbed today was fantastic and took screws but a couple of other teams said they had come across more variable ice. Most of the mid level ice routes were climbed today with a lot of people choosing to stay low.

About the best view we got of the crags today.

Concentrating on moving our centre of gravity and footwork.

Putting it into practise on something steeper.

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