Tuesday, 5 February 2013

First steps!

Yesterday I was working with the students on the Higher Outdoor learning program at West Highland College, they are nearing the end of their year and it is now time to put some of those new skills into practise. I was working with Dave and Lewis who had designed a session plan for their group of 6 Caol P.S. children. We started in the Ice Factor which considering the weather was appreciated by everyone I think and then we headed out for a walk around the village to Grey Mare's tail for a spot of lunch. Dave and Lewis did very well considering that neither of them had any experience with working with young groups and the P.S. kids had a fun day out so a good day but obviously their first experience of working with this kind of group threw up quite a few learning points and it will be great to see them put those into practise on their next couple of sessions.

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