Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stob Ban's North ridge.

I was out with a group of four today for West Coast Mountain Guides who wanted to learn some of the basics of rope work so they could head out on their own for the rest of the week and get some classic mountaineering routes done. We headed up to the North ridge of Stob Ban which has a great section of grade I broken ground, and with current conditions we were able to have a good look at some of the things they had heard about at last nights 'winter safety talk' at the Clachaig. At the graded section we had a look at tying into the rope, attaching ourselves to the mountain, body belaying and selecting quick easy direct belays. The guys did well working in two teams of two and it wasn't long before we'd covered the graded ground lost the ropes and were stood on the summit enjoying the views on a stunning day.

Fantastic day to be out today and with a good cover of snow above about 600m with it being firm and icy on the wind scoured slopes but some very deep accumulations on other aspects with some very easy shears.

A stunning day!

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