Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wet, windy and warm!

Day 2 with Andrew for Abacus Mountain Guides and it wasn't the most inspiring view this morning as I looked out the window but with the promise of improving weather and snow higher up we headed for Curved ridge. There looked to be very little sign of snow as we drove through the Coe but we persevered, after an hour of walking into the wind, rain and through deep wet snow, we passed the waterslide and it was at this point the wind hit us. The clouds were whipping across Curved ridge and it was decided that we needed a plan b. After much deliberating, Andrew decided he would rather head back than have a very wet day of 'making do'. It did brighten up this afternoon and the freezing level dropped but we really just need a good freeze to firm up the snow and help build the ice. Tomorrow is set to be brighter, so pack your bags, get out and have a good New Year!

Looking up to a very damp North buttress and Rannoch wall.

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