Friday, 21 February 2014

More wild weather on the Ben.

Andy's last day today and it was time for him to get on the sharp end. The weather was challenging with strong winds and a lot of fresh snow so we stayed low and did the first couple of pitches of Moonlight gully and Andy did a great job of leading us up. We didn't fancy going any higher so I took over from here and we descended the snow slopes next to the route. On our descent we got to see the debris from No.5 which had avalanched whilst we were on our route, we heard nothing of it as we were being battered by the winds but it was a big one that stopped about 200m from the CIC hut.
A couple of teams on the S.W. ridge today, one on the curtain, one team did the first pitch of vanishing gully and then retreated. A surprising amount of people on the hill despite the weather but a lot of people choosing to come away empty handed. Today I was working for Abacus Mountain Guides.

Andy getting stuck in!

Descending past the debris from No.5 gully.

Looking towards the hut past the end of the debris.

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