Saturday, 24 January 2015

A busy day on Ben Nevis.

Witold, Iain and I headed up the Ben this morning with the plan to climb some of the lower level ice, it appeared that this was everyone elses plan too. The boys wanted to look at placing winter gear, abolokov's and of course to climb some ice, so we spent some time bouldering around, looking at movement skills, placing and removing ice screws and they had a go at building their own threads. Once the routes had quieted down a little we headed up to Waterfall gully to put it all into practice.
All of the low level ice routes got multiple assents today along with routes on the Douglas boulder and there were quite a few teams on the CIC cascades with a couple of teams saying they were cruddy. We're due a thaw again tomorrow with some heavy rain but I think the ice will hold up well.

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