Thursday, 8 January 2015

A return to winter

Yesterday was the first day of my winter work for 2015 and it was a wet one to say the least. We headed up to the Glencoe ski area for a bit of shelter and managed to cover quite a bit before we ran away, with some soaked to the skin.
Today on the other hand was a proper winters day out, fresh snow, strong winds and cold. We headed up above the CIC hut to find some old snow to look at some skills and with plenty of snow being shifted around we had loads of things to look at. These days have been the first days of winter skills with the West Highland College Advanced Certificate, next week we'll be in the Cairngorms for a bit more action.
Quite a few teams out today and a few turning back but it looked like the SW ridge of the Douglas Boulder got a couple of ascents, Ken was on No.3 gully buttress, Guy was on Green gully and Steve was climbing on Moonlight gully Buttress. The ice in the large drainage lines has survived yesterday's torrential rain and more looked to be building quickly in today's colder conditions.

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