Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wild weather on Aonach Mor.

I was supposed to be in the Cairngorms this week instructing on a UHI residential course but they decided with the forecast for the week and the conditions of the roads, they would stay in Fort William. Today Graeme, Andy and myself took advantage of the Gondola at Nevis range and took the group up onto the Northern slopes of Aonach Mor. We managed to cover lots of new skills and refresh some from last week and spent a lot of our time looking at the snowpack. There were a lot of deep, unstable drifts even just at 800m that certainly made us think about where we were heading. Strong winds and heavy showers passed through all day putting down even more snow and there is more to come.

Poor visibility during showers.

Moving over steeper ground.

There were some brief brighter spells.

No hiding from the weather today

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