Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A wade into the west face.

It was Haydn and Garry's last day today and we thought we had better get another classic done, so we caught the early gondola and made our way round to the bottom of the west face. Travel is difficult at the moment, you are either stood on exposed grass or waist dip in a drift and we had lots of drifts to cross today. As always Golden oldy delivered, with some fantastic climbing and a great position as it narrows near the top, this route is far more sustained and interesting than Ledge route and I don't know why it doesn't have four stars. Although it was a bit of a swim at times today, the boys did a great job and topped out with big smiles on their faces. What a great three days, a day off for me tomorrow and I have a bathroom to decorate so no play time for me.

Smiles after a small direct variation for fun.

It's starting to get a bit thinner.

Haydn 'elegantly' tackling one of the narrow sections.

Not a bad view.

A fine arete to finish with.

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