Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The sun just keeps on shining.

I was back out with Haydn and Garry today and Ledge route was at the top of our list. We ploughed in through last nights fresh snow and brightening skies but with a strong and bitter wind from the north. A few teams ahead had put in a track but this was drifting over quickly making for slow progress at times.
The approach to No.5 gully had been scoured with the winds and we were through and heading out on the first ledge in no time. The tracks that had been put in over the last few days were also there for us to follow but there was waist deep snow if you strayed off them. We were soon topped out and enjoying the sunshine and dancing snow devils that were being blown up out of No.5 gully but we didn't hang around for long with the wind. Another great day to be out in the Scottish hills.

The snow devils blowing up out of No.5 gully.

Leading the way home.

Evening light on the Ben.

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