Monday, 2 March 2015

What it's all about.

I've been out with Dave this weekend, who I have been working with for four years now. It is great to see people coming back time after time ,each time being more and more confident and proficient than the last. I remember his nerves on our first mountaineering route together but this weekend he moved with confidence and efficiency. Going climbing as a mountaineering instructor is great but so too is seeing people grow as mountaineers and then hearing about their own adventures during the year.

We climbed the East ridge of the north top of Stob Ban on Saturday and then the South west ridge of the Douglas boulder yesterday during some pretty wild weather. There were a few other teams out, all of whom were taking advantage of the mid level routes in the strong winds. Most of the mid level ice routes on the Ben are still there and will probably be improving with the cold temps we have forecast for the next couple of days. There is also a lot of snow around and careful route choice will be important.

Dave setting off on the lead.

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