Monday, 1 June 2015

The wintery weather continues

I'm home again after another couple of days up on Skye for Skye guides, it was supposed to be a traverse attempt but the mixed weather put an end to that idea. Saturday was by far the best day so we headed up on to Pinnacle ridge to give Hans and Deborah their first experience of the Cuillins. As always it didn't disappoint and the weather improved as the day went on to give us a cracking day out.
Yesterday was a different story as the stormy weather returned, we made our way into Coire na Creiche to head up the Spur. The wind didn't seem too bad on the walk in and I was starting to doubt my decision but seeing the waterfalls higher up the coire being blown back up hill gave us some idea of what the wind was doing higher up. Sure enough as we made our way out onto the ridge we were hit by the wind and add in the odd hail shower and it felt like a very wild day.
Looking out the window this morning I can see that the higher tops of had a good dump of snow overnight and more to come I believe. When will the summer finally begin?

Pinnacle ridge, Skye

Pinnacle ridge, Skye

Pinnacle ridge, Skye

The Spur, Coire na Creiche

A stormy looking Coire na Creiche.

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