Friday, 22 January 2016

Chris Walker Memorial Trust avalanche awareness workshop.

I was over in the Cairngorms today to attend an avalanche awareness workshop being run by the SAIS on behalf of the Chris Walker Memorial trust as part of my continued personal and professional development. A good day with lots of discussion amongst peers and a good refresher for myself about how the guys at SAIS do their forecasting. It started wet today but soon cleared up into a beautiful afternoon, lets see what the weekend brings in terms of weather.

Cairngorms winter climbing

avalanche awareness

northern coires winter climbing

Certainly didn't think we'd get an afternoon like this.

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  1. Hi Scott. I wanted to go on this course but I just couldn't find who to contact! It was very frustarting, no one seemed to know anything about places. Dissapointed. Glad you got on it and ahad a great day. Hope things are going well with you and enjoying the winter. Tropical weather here in The Cairngorms!