Friday, 5 February 2016

A week of variety.

I've been working at West Highland College this week, the weather has been mixed as has the work. On Wednesday we had a great day out on the first day of two winter skills with the other half of the first years. There was a lot of fresh snow on the easterly aspects which was great for us to have a look at the snow pack in further depth. Any old snow that was visible was rock hard and it actually felt like a normal winter.
Thursday and I ended up going biking with the COL course and the guys just needed to go riding to build up there log book. We cycled out to Glen Loy (or Glen Loam) so find some steep and slippery trails but unfortunately the recent storms have brought a lot of trees down meaning we spent a good part of the day lifting our bikes over trees.
Today was the second day of winter skills and unfortunately the rain had returned stripping back most of the new snow we had built up over the last few days. Things are set to get a bit cooler and apparently ice has been building on the Ben.

Winter trails proving to be a bit too slippy for some.

The boys smiling through the rain today.

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