Thursday, 11 January 2018

Beinn Udlaidh conditions.

The ice at Beinn Udlaidh is quite variable at the moment and there aren't that many routes that are fully formed, Quartzvein scoop was definitely the most complete and fattest looking line on the crag today. The strong SE winds from the start of the week have buried the crag in snow and insulated the ice from the cold temperatures.
The Eastern sector is definitely in better shape than the west. Hopefully, a couple more days of cold weather will only improve conditions. It is worth heading up but pickings are slim at the moment.

Winter climbing courses

Dave high on Quartzvein scoop. 
winter climbing courses

Topping out into the sunshine, what an amazing day. 

winter climbing courses

Descending back into the corrie, the western sector in the background. 

Scottish winter climbing courses

Approaching the eastern sector. 

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